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I love this fab video from one of my favorite celebrity stylists Monica Rose. Watch for some inspiration on styling pieces from your own jewelry collection!  

Throughout the month of January I have become more and more cranberry-crazed! The rich and juicy  hues found often in Fall/Winter fashion suggest warmth, luxury, and sophistication. I’ve selected a few of my favorite looks to share:

It’s easy to create instant polish with these sophisticated separates. I love how the rich cranberry lace skirt gives an otherwise modern and masculine black and white outfit a more vintage and feminine vibe. Black patent booties and the animal print accessories keep it looking young and hip. Worn with black opaque tights and a conservatively cut white-tee, this look can easily be worn in the office as well.

I love this look because my favorite way to style a soft feminine dress is by adding tough accessories that suggest some edge and personality. The cut of this dress is also very modern but still sophisticated. By adding black booties, a black clutch, and a studded belt- the dress is no longer just evening-wear appropriate. 

Everyday accessible AND truly adorable! Pull out those floral print skirts you thought you couldn’t wear til Spring and pair it with some opaque tights,chunky boots, and a slouchy sweater for a look that is so soft and feminine. Her soft curls and bangs under the “old-mans” hat are absolute perfection for a laid back but pulled together vibe.

I covet this bold cranberry color and the jacket’s timeless shape and details. The color flatters every skin tone, and this jacket can just as easily be worn with jeans and a sweater as it could with a dress and heels. Simply stunning. I particularly love how it’s paired with a bubble-gum pink skirt. Pairing colors from the same palette is always so chic. 

 I’ve always had mad love for the Michael Kors ad campaigns and this season is no exception. Today I added this ad to my inspiration board. I love every piece in all of it’s golden-glory! 

I definitely have a few similar pieces for sale in the boutique- like the gorgeous over-sized pyramid ring right in front. To DIE for! I will definitely be using this ad as a guide for the January collection at Signature Style. After-all, who wouldn’t want to be covered in gold chains and sparkling baubles? Thankfully- you won’t need a Michael Kors budget to score some of these gorgeous jewels. You’re welcome ;)


Anybody else want to join THIS party?!?! 

Personal stylist to the Kardashians- Monica Rose puts together 4 adorable looks using the wardrobe staple. Love it!

I have a serious obsession and large collection of beautiful scarves- I love this video for finding new ways to wear them! 

Totally into these printed nails! Check out the tutorial :)

Remember these? The tutorial is now on, enjoy!

(via luckymag)


I strongly believe in the these Top 10 Jewelry Must-Haves for every woman’s wardrobe! No matter what the occasion, if you have a wardrobe that includes these staples- you will be able to pull together ANY outfit. If you are starting your jewelry wardrobe from scratch, I suggest you invest in the simplest version of each must-have. As your budget permits, get a little creative and add your own personal flair to each piece! 

1. Diamond studs- Whether it’s a gift from a loved one or a gift to yourself, every woman needs a pair of real diamond studs. These are your everyday go-to pair of earrings that you don’t even need to think about. These can be tiny little flecks of shimmer or larger statement making studs (think Kim Kardashian). And of course- if you’re budget doesn’t allow for real diamonds, there are some incredibly beautiful cubic zirconia options out there as well! Experiment with different shapes and sizes. You will love how these simple studs bring brightness to you face! 

2. Chandelier earrings- Chandelier earrings are a must-have because they can turn your work outfit into your happy hour or date outfit. There are SO many varieties of chandelier earrings, from small and simple to huge and colorful. I love the gorgeous turquoise chandelier earrings shown here from the SS boutique. They are from Amrita Singh and can make a simple black dress or t-shirt and jeans look instantly pulled together. Imagine taking these on your beach vacation and wearing with a long-gorgeous-printed-strapless dress! When wearing chandelier earrings, you often don’t need any other jewelry- especially if they are large and colorful like these.  

3. Statement necklace- The statement necklace has been growing in popularity (and size) for quite awhile now. Again- this is the piece that will set the mood for your entire look and draw the eye up towards your face- where it belongs :) You can literally wear the exact same dress with two different statement necklaces and make the look completely different. The image of Ciara show below is a perfect example. The white dress looks edgy and modern with the spikes and hard metal necklace. Paired with a rumple of pearls and crystals the look would be very lady-like and sophisticated. The SS boutique has some great options for statement necklaces.

4. Gold or silver hoop earrings- The gold or silver hoop is just as essential as the diamond stud. It literally goes with everything and the tiny sliver of shiny metal totally brightens up your face. There are tiny hoops and enormous hoops (think Beyonce), blinged out hoops, textured hoops, and simple metal hoops like the ones shown above. No matter what your personal preference- there is a perfect hoop for you!

5. Tear-drop earring- The teardrop earring is incredibly fun but also very sophisticated. Worn with your hair tied back, or a super short hair-cut the look is perfection. Like the chandelier earring, it pulls together a simple outfit and comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. The blue drop earrings shown above are one of the best selling styles from Amrita Singh- available in the SS boutique. 

6. Pendant necklace- The pendant necklace will range in length from your collar-bone to your belly button. This is a great piece for laying with other necklaces of varying length. Layer with intention- the pieces don’t have to be the same metal, but they should have a similar look or style. I love a great pendant necklace because it’s incredibly versatile. Wear it with a nice sweater, simple v-neck t-shirt and jeans, a dress, or under a blazer and collared button-up. This piece adds focus to your look.

7. Cuff- I absolutely adore cuffs and thankfully there are SO many different options out there! This is true arm-candy, the statement piece for your wrist. When wearing a great cuff, you don’t need any other jewelry. Cuffs range from delicate to big, bold, and embellished. If you have small wrists like me- I like to stick to delicate cuffs like the one shown on the left. There are some great stretchy options out there that hug your wrist instead of overpowering you. The edgy pyramid cuff from CC Skye on Eva is equally gorgeous and carries a lot of punch and personality.

8. Something turquoise- I strongly believe that every woman needs a piece of beautiful turquoise jewelry. Whether its a necklace, ring, earring, or bracelet- you just need one. Period. There is nothing more gorgeous than a piece of turquoise jewelry worn with all black in the winter or all white in the summer. SS carries a lot of turquoise pieces so I’m sure you’ll be able to find an affordable option! 

9. Gold chain link bracelet- This is must-have because it is a classic and timeless piece. This is a great piece to spend a little money on because you will have it forever. I’m totally loving the thick, oversized toggle bracelets right now layered with other gold bangles and rings. It’s incredibly chic and sophisticated and you will be surprised at how many outfits you can wear it with. 

10. Bangles- I saved my personal favorite for last. I am completely obsessed with bangles right now! Amrita Singh hands-down has the best selection of GORGEOUS bangles which is why I carry so  many of them at the SS boutique. I get them in every single color because they’re so easy to throw on and brighten up your outfit. I get so many compliments on my bangles- trust me- you need Amrita Singh! They’re especially a must-have for a dinner date or night out with friends. The restaurant/lounge lighting brings out their glorious shimmer. Bangles are also perfect for layering with your other bracelets, or wear just a couple at a time. I just love a wrist-full of glistening bangles! 

Did I miss any of your must-haves? Did I inspire you to purchase any of these items? Take a picture of yourself wearing your favorite piece and send it to and I’ll post my faves in my blog. I’d love your feedback! 


-Kirsten :)

I’m all about gold right now! It flows from season to season effortlessly and remains a chic and classic wardrobe staple. The cuff is by Kendra Scott and the thick chain by Amrita Singh. Both are sold at my online boutique Signature Style! 

I have too many: LIPGLOSSES! I’m well over the 200 mark.

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